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fuck you no

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Anonymous said: BRENDA

Er… yes?

Anonymous said: Hello :] I have a question about your fic: is there going to be a Snape in this AU version?

Definitely yes. 

Anonymous said: Your AU fic is amazing :) do you answer questions everyday?

Thank you!

I try to answer fast. I get email notifications for new messages on this account and I see them everyday when I check my inbox.

chrispineapples said: can you link me your fanfic and other recommendations? i cant seem to find yours

Here it is.

As for recommendations, there are many! I am working on setting up a page here for them. I’ll post something when it’s ready.

Blacked out my blog for the day.

Anonymous said: Um hi! I've never sent anything on tumblr before because I don't have one but I just wanted to ask about your AU fic: How many chapters do you plan to have? And do Lily and James still die? Thank you! I love your fic so much! -- Amy

Hi, Amy! Thanks so much!

I don’t have a specific number for the chapters, but I can say it won’t be very long. I’ve tried to write pieces with multiple chapters before and I have yet to finish any of them. I always seem to get to chapter 15-20 before I stop. This one might end up being way less than that. Hopefully. 

As for Lily and James still dying… everyone has to die some day, don’t they? 

unofficialbridge said: no you are. you got the sass of a sassy 17 year old ginger witch from the seventies.

Who might that be. Hmm…

thunderthor replied to your post: I followed you after hiding under your porch because I love you.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful (and very healthy) relationship.

I quite agree. I love you a normal amount. 

unofficialbridge said: you're pretty.

No, you are. 

thunderthornomore-deactivated20 said: I followed you after hiding under your porch because I love you.

Aww. I love you, too. That’s why I lurk outside your window everyday <3

river-song-has-left-the-library said: I started following you because of your flawless username and your flaw-free blog. Ever since you have my never-ending love.

And you have mine <3